Top Tips For Hosting An Alfresco Dinner Party

Setting the table is a huge part of any mealtime, whether you’re eating with family or friends, and when the weather’s good, there’s nothing better than enjoying a meal outdoors. With the soundtrack of nature playing in the background, a gentle breeze that passes through the air and the various aromas from your meal filling both the environment and your senses. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a picnic, a sunset cruise, or a barbecue—there’s just something magical about alfresco dining. 


But so often people are scared to take their kitchen crockery outside, opting to use disposable paper or plastic. However, with our products, you need not worry about that. Because our chip and break-resistant material and drop-proof durability enables your crockery can survive no matter where you host your meal.

So, how do you host and style an alfresco dinner party?

Read on to find out, as we’ve broken down our top tips to help you do just that!


Invest In Durable Dinnerware

When it comes to dining outside, you shouldn’t be afraid to take your crockery outside the house. Glasses and ceramics are often fragile, so it’s understandable to feel nervous. However, at Corelle, we design our products to be able to stand the test of time. Which means that because our crockery is chip and break-resistant you can ditch the environmentally damaging plastic plates, and instead you can take your favourite dishes outside, ensuring that your alfresco dinner party uses something that’s both durable, and looks good!



Pick A Theme and Accessorize Accordingly

Themes are great for a variety of reasons but perhaps most importantly, it helps by providing something to base your menu and decor around. Alfresco dining doesn’t need to be over the top. It’s about utilising accessories to create a relaxed atmosphere which helps make both you and your guests comfortable.

Which theme you pick is completely up to you. You could personalise place settings, make it seasonal or style it based upon a particular colour. Curating your tableware and adding small touches, such as using cushions for comfort, draping fabrics for pops of colour, or adding candles to provide a pleasant aroma and light, can make a huge difference to how you and your guests feel.



Start Food Prep Prior To Your Party

There’s nothing worse than hosting a dinner party and realising that your timings are off. After all, you want to be out there talking with your friends, not hiding away in the kitchen! Which is why Corelle’s famous durability is such a helping hand when it comes to events!

Created to withstand the most extreme daily temperatures—Corelle’s dishes can be used in your freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Which means that when it’s time to cater your event, you can create your meals directly in your Corelle crockery so that they can be stored, cooked and served stylishly, without needing to make any dish transfers! 



Let Guests Serve Themselves

Rather than plating up everyone’s food individually, use large one-pot dishes in the centre of the table so that guests can help themselves. Mixing up serving dishes with large salad bowls, wooden boards and beautiful glasses and ceramics not only provides a beautiful table setting, but enables your guests to avoid flavours that they dislike and saves you both time—and washing up! 

And last, but certainly not least…

Get Creative With Your Dinner Party Locations

Alfresco dining shouldn’t just be limited to your garden. After all, there are so many beautiful landscapes which surround you, it would be a shame not to make the most of them!

Corelle’s durability in terms of both design and temperature tolerance means that you can take your crockery on its very own culinary adventure by packing up your plates and heading out for a meal with a view. Whether that means taking cold meats and cheeses to your local viewpoint, or preparing barbecue recipes ready to take to the beach for a sunset picnic—your dining options are endless!

What are your favourite tips for hosting an alfresco dinner party?
Let us know in the comments.