Autumn dining essentials

Autumn dining essentials


As the hot summer temperatures start to cool down, landscapes change along with the temperatures. But just because the scenery is changing, doesn’t mean your dinner plans have to! Because with these autumn dining essentials you can enjoy your mealtime no matter what the weather.


A Worthy Location

When it comes to dinner parties, location is everything. Depending upon where you are in the world, temperatures will fluctuate during autumn. But if the weather is still favourable then make the most of it and mix things up at your next dinner party by moving the dining room table somewhere new. Whether that’s onto the balcony, under a pergola or into the garden!


Cosy Blankets

Weather and temperatures can be unpredictable, so adding blankets to your dinner party repertoire is a smart move, that way you and your guests are covered (quite literally!) whenever a cold breeze strikes.


Durable Dinnerware

Whether you’re dining inside or out you can serve up your meal without having to worry about any breakages when you shop with Corelle thanks to the chip and break-resistant material of the dinnerware.


Plus, thanks to the triple-layered glass that Corelle’s dinnerware is made from, food can be stored in the fridge, or go straight into the oven, before being served meaning that dinner not only looks good, but your salads stay cool and your hot dishes stay hot!


Seasonal Place Settings

Place settings are not only a great way to let your guests know where to sit, but provide an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Layering napkins, cutlery and seasonal flowers is a great way to add an autumnal pop of colour to your dining table!


Candles and lanterns

During autumn, otherwise known as fall, the sun starts to set and night falls quicker. Which is why candles and lanterns can be incredibly helpful. Not only can they produce a background scent, but they provide ambience and subtle light, meaning you can stay out and enjoy yourselves for as long as you like without disturbing any of your neighbours!


Seasonal Decor

Make the most of local foliage by putting together a vase of flowers using those which are seasonally available. In addition to this, you can add fabrics, cushions and napkins to add a pop of colour, in addition to scattering items such as ivy and pine cones around your serving dishes, to make your very own centrepiece!


You can find everything you need to host your best dinner party yet, from stylish serve ware and sleek dinnerware sets made in an array of seasonal hues, over on our product


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